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Forming the centre piece for Phorm Interior's design for the Port Office Hotel refurbishment, these intricate screens were designed with a "Gentleman's Polo Club" theme.The final concept hinted at Polo shirt logos, with Polo mallets, alligators, laurel wreaths and many other visual puns forming the elemental basis for the design. Seahorses were used instead of land horses, as a reference to the nautical nature of the Port Office.

Some more arcane "Gentlemen's Club" images were also added, including compasses and "point within a circle" of the Freemasons, and a few champagne glasses for good measure.

A geometric pattern of Persian origin was used for the trim and body of the screens, integrating a simple weave which revealed a five-pointed star in the negative spaces. This star was repeated at focal points in the overall composition, unifying the whole piece.

The screens were cut with laser-fine jets of high pressure water and coated with a bronze finish. Many  smaller screens, using a variation of the Star and Weave pattern, were produced for use throughout the Port Office. See more images in the 57 Portfolio




Principal design consultant
Rebecca Green, MDes, PhD

School of Design
University of New South Wales

School of Design
Queensland University of Technology 2016

Master of Design
(Sustainable Graphic Design)
Queensland College of Art
Griffith University 2007

Griffith Award for Academic
Excellence 2007

AGDA Gordon Andrews
Scholarship winner for masters
research project:
"Sustainable Graphic Design"

QLD Liaison for the
o2 global design network
for sustainable design